Audio feedback for students


Audio feedback can be a very engaging, vivid way for students to receive feedback.  In this presentation from the 2013 Westminster Learning Futures webinar series Mykaell Riley from the Faculty of Media, Arts and Design talks about his experiences of using audio feedback.

Mykaell is using the facility within Turnitin to record audio feedback for students.  You can find this feature in the GradeMark online marking feature.

Although a number of research papers have been published on the benefits of audio feedback, the concept is still in its infancy.

Benefits include communicating on a more personal level, the ability to present tone, requiring students to listen to all of the feedback, rather than select specific bits, and providing a way to get around illegible handwriting.

Audio feedback is not without problems.  One requires a microphone (either built in to a computer, or peripheral) and often special software to record and encode the audio.

Turnitin’s audio feedback tool gets around this latter problem by providing the recording and encoding software natively within GradeMark.  To record audio feedback, simply click the microphone and away you go.  Students also access the feedback through Turnitin.

This JISC Digital Media Guide gives more detail on using audio feedback.

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