Capitalising on blended learning



Professor Barbara Allan, Dean of Westminster Business School, gave this plenary at the 2013 Westminster Business School Learning and Teaching Day, on the topic of Capitalising on Blended Learning.

Professor Allan begins by talking about how successful the learning and teaching say was and how much of a buzz it created among attendees.  She then goes on to talk about blended learning in context at the University of Westminster, starting with the key drivers for change: student expectations; changing needs of employers and other stakeholders; technological advances; internationalisation; and pressures of the HE environment, such as fees, increased competition and private providers.  She makes the point that the drivers for change don’t need much discussion – they are there in almost everything she reads – but more important are the pressures on academics to working in current HE environments and the need to create space for other activities.  In light of these competing priorities, Professor Allan goes on to talk about how capitalising on blended learning can be used to help ease pressure and create new dimensions of time.

You can download a PDF version of the powerpoint presentation used in this plenary by clicking here.


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