Communication with students – texts, tweets and podcasts


Communication with students is explored here by Fred Motson from Westminster Law School in the 2013 Westminster Learning Futures webinar series.  He describes a project he undertook using text messages to communicate directly with students, as it had been noted students were not always engaging with standard University communication, such as departmental emails.

Communication by text was found to be particularly helpful in getting students to pick up marked work.  This is seen to be a good thing as it raises the likelihood students will read the feedback on their work.  Other benefits were being able to get messages to students quickly and personally where last minute changes to lecturers or rooms occurred.

Fred goes on to talk about use of podcasting to communicate to students on a module what constitutes a good assignment.  Communication in this way means students can go back to the resource over and over,  and take their time to digest the material.  On the whole students felt this was a good thing for them, and the lecturer felt he would definitely do it again.

The final part of this video (from 24:26) is about using twitter to provide extra information and links to students, that on their own might not merit a whole email message.

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