Flipped classroom for business mega module


Flipped classroom offers the opportunity to re-think how you deliver content to students, usually to take the content delivery side of teaching and learning out of the classroom, or lecture theatre, using pre-recorded lecture videos to convey the content, and instead use that valuable face to face time for activities that build upon the content.  The student-centered approach of flipped classroom offers a way for students to take part in in deeper learning, engaging with the application of theories and concepts from the content video, in a supported environment.

Flipped classroom offers other advantages, as students can approach the material in their own time and at their own pace.  Students can pause the videos to take notes, rewind to hear a bit again, fast-forward over concepts they have grasped – the videos allow students to examine material in their own way.  Flipped classroom is an ideal way for lecturers to start incorporating blended learning into their practice.

This presentation by Stanka Winch, from the 2013 Westminster Business School Learning and Teaching Day, outlines how flipped classroom has been employed in a Westminster Business School mega module (850+ students).  A student also joins Stanka for part of the presentation and gives her views on the flipped classroom.

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