Interacting with feedback, improving student experience


Interacting with feedback is regarded as an important way for students to improve their performance.  In this presentation from the 2013 Westminster Business School Learning and Teaching Day, Rebecca Wang and Dawn Williams, both Senior Lecturers in Westminster Business School,  talk about interacting with feedback as a way to improve the student learning experience, in this case interacting with feedback from GradeMark (Turnitin‘s online marking tool).

Rebecca and Dawn say the initiative is useful for students for two main reasons:

Students understand the criteria better when they are discussed and illustrated with examples. They ‘observe’ peer’s work with tutor’s comments, they ‘mark’ them and reflect upon their own work. By observing, doing and reflecting they are interacting with feedback and can improve their performance.

Timing of feedback: generally students show strong interest in getting feedback for their first draft. Whilst it would be ideal to meet each student and read their first draft, it proves to be too time consuming, especially if the number of students on the module is large. As an alternative, it has been shown to be effective and feasible to use examples, as illustrations of requirements.

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