Making Assessment Count


About the project

Making Assessment Count (MAC) is an umbrella term for processes that support students in reflecting on assignments. MAC processes can help students to make the most of the feedback that they receive but can also be used in other ways, for example to help students prepare and complete an assignment or to facilitate personal development planning.

Making Assessment Count based on the SOS model of feedback

The Making Assessment Count project’s original objective was to help students get more from their marked work and they broke feedback down into the three stage process SOS to do so.


Coursework was marked then feedback was returned. Fundamentally it doesn’t matter which kind of feedback it is but in this project they used written coursework submitted on paper with handwritten feedback.


The students were asked to complete one of the self-review questionnaires using the system e-Reflect. This system produces a feedback report for the student.


The student then visits their tutor after looking at the feedback report and reflecting on it. This ties into the personal tutoring system of those using the tool.

Associated videos

This video briefly explains the e-Reflect and Feedback+ aspects of Making Assessment Count.

This webinar from the 2013 Westminster Learning Futures series features Professor Gunter Saunders talking about Feedback+, the feedback element of Making Assessment Count.

More information about the Making Assessment Count project can be found here.


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