Programme level assessment strategies


Programme level assessment strategies can have a major impact on the coherence of assessment across courses.  In this presentation from the 2013 Westminster Learning Futures webinar series, Professor Peter Hartley of the University of Bradford talks about how strategic consideration of assessment at programme level can improve curriculum design.

This session argues that really significant improvement to our assessment practices depends on rethinking our approach at course or programme level.  Adjusting assessments within modules will not lead to significant change unless it reflects more fundamental developments in the whole course or programme.

Programme level assessment strategies have been explored in some details by the University of Bradford by Peter and the wider project team in the NTFS-funded Programme Assessment Strategies (PASS) project.  The project website contains a number of resources for helping academic staff approach programme level assessment re-design as well as case studies and this short guide to Programme Focused Assessment.

The project achieved the following significant outputs:

  • guidance and case studies on programme level assessment across a range of subject disciplines
  • a tried and tested workshop format programme teams can use to review/revise their programme level assessment strategies
  • a tested methodology to evaluate the impact of programme level assessment strategies
  • evidence of impact of both the development and application of programme level assessment strategies on staff and student behaviour


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