Real time feedback to develop student engagement


Real time feedback to develop student engagement is being used in both Westminster Business School and the Faculty of Science and Technology by Ruth Sacks and Justin Haroun, respectively.  The video above is a presentation given at the 2013 Westminster Business School Learning and Teaching Day Ruth and Justin.

“We are developing a real time feedback process to gain focused (and anonymous) feedback from students on an on-going, real time basis to inform student learning. Students create a brief questionnaire which is sent to them regularly throughout their module using Google docs.

The results are discussed with the students and actions are followed up. We have trialled this so far with 2 groups, one post-graduate group in WBS and one Level 5 group in Life Sciences.”

The pair found the initial impact to have been positive. Students have recognised how their active engagement affects the learning process, session attendance has improved and there have also been better end of module results.

A further example of how feedback can be useful is this example of e-feedback.  Other examples of good practice in giving feedback can be found here.

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