Using blogging and wikis to support learning


Blogging and wikis can be used to assess student learning and progress, as Ian Bailey from the Faculty of Science and Technology explains in this presentation from the 2013 Westminster Learning Futures webinar series.  Ian uses blogging and wikis at levels five and six in some of the forensic anthropology modules offered as part of the BSc Biological Sciences (Forensic Biology).

Ian has approached the design of his module in such a way as to enhance learning in new topic areas, using blogging as a way to support project research, and wikis as a platform for group project work.  The assessment has been designed so as to develop the students, rather than assess the information they can recall.

The material presented in the module is entirely new to the students, and by developing their learning by blogging, the students use this analysis of material to feed into their wikis, which become in-depth scientific reports of what has happened in the cases they are presented with.


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