Cultivating community – why it’s worth it and ways to do it


Cultivating community can improve students’ interaction and involvement, thus increasing their engagement with their learning and attainment.

This leaflet by Oxford Brookes uses evidence from the literature to show that student involvement and a strong sense of community are highly significant factors in students’ success:

  • Individual learning is facilitated through social interactions and involvement in communities of practice
  • student-to-student interaction and staff-to-student interaction engender involvement
  • encouraging student-staff contact is considered a fundamental principle of good teaching and learning
  • a good understanding of assessment criteria and standards significantly improves students’ academic performance

The leaflet suggests ways of cultivating community grouped into three areas:

  1. Developing hospitable spaces
  2. Rethinking the formal curriculum and supporting initiatives outside it that involve both students and staff
  3. Enhancing students’ pedagogical literacy

Click here to read the full cultivating community leaflet.

Cultivating community - why it's worth it and how to do it

Cultivating community – why it’s worth it and how to do it

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