Getting the most from group work assessment


Group work assessment is often used in higher education and there many different ways to implement it.  This leaflet from Oxford Brookes aims to set out all the complex factors that need to be considered when designing and implementing group work assessment and will be of use to all considering using this method of assessment.

First, the leaflet seeks to unpack the fundamental issues around group work assessment:

  1. Fairness
  2. Validity
  3. Importance of the overarching learning environment

It then goes on to consider deeper issues around purpose:

  • Is it clear why group work is being used?
  • Is it clear whether it is the group work process or product being assessed?
  • Should the group work assessment be summative or formative?

The leaflet goes on to consider issues around setting up groups, managing them and the implementation, and impact, of peer assessment.

Click here to access the whole leaflet.

Getting the most from group work assessment

Getting the most from group work assessment


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