Improving assessment performance


Improving assessment performance can seem a difficult task, particularly when students are seen as solely responsible for their performance.  However, it is possible to improve performance by undertaking a series of simple exercises with students to help them understand how their work is assessed and how assessment criteria are applied to their work.

In this leaflet produced by Oxford Brookes you will discover how it is possible to use pre-assessment intervention to help students in improving assessment performance.  It describes a simple workshop-based process where students are encouraged to grade and give feedback for two pieces of work – one good, one mediocre.

The students are then invited to a workshop where in groups they discuss their grades and agree a group grade and rational.  Groups then feed back to the class.

At the end of this process, the tutor compares the grades and rationales with the assessment criteria, and the groups revise their grades accordingly, feeding back to one another in a plenary session.

The tutor also provides annotated and marked versions of the same assignments, and discusses their mark and assessment of the work.

When the students hand in their own assignments, they are encouraged to complete a self-assessment sheet of how they think they have performed against the assessment criteria.

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Improving assessment performance - Oxford Brookes leaflet

Improving assessment performance

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