Using peer feedback to enhance active engagement


Peer feedback can enhance your students’ active engagement with their studies and increases the amount of feedback they get, often more quickly that you can do it yourself.

It can also augment students’ disciplinary understanding as peer feedback usually requires more explanation and justification.  Also, the process of reviewing the work of others can help students deepen their understanding of what constitutes good work, thereby increasing their own ability to achieve.

This leaflet from Oxford Brookes suggests ways of helping your students to engage successfully in peer feedback in a three stage process:

  1. Prior to the peer feedback session, facilitate marking exercises that give students practice in assessment and feedback using sample assignments
  2. Prepare for and structure the peer review session
  3. Actively facilitate the peer review session, adhere to a strict timetable and tell students exactly what they must do and for how long

Click here to read the full leaflet.

Using peer feedback to enhance active engagement

Using peer feedback to enhance active engagement

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