Black students’ perspectives and learning at university

There has always been a strong correlation between education and achieving success in life. This lesson has been understood by generations of Black people and explains the massive increase in Black students’ participation education. However, the NUS has found institutional racism has embedded itself in our education system and Black students continue to face inequality, as shown in this report.
The findings not only illustrate the challenges Black students face in further education (FE) and higher education (HE), but also provide a damning account of education prior to further and higher education. Left unaddressed, these barriers will only continue to grow, especially with the ideologically driven cuts that the Coalition Government has imposed on education budgets over the last year (2009-10) – the biggest for a generation. Government failure has forced course closures, threatened institutional shut downs, slashed Education Maintenance Allowance for FE college students by 60 per cent, and imposed draconian increases in tuition fees up to £9,000 a year on HE university students.
This report is a powerful account of the daily experiences of Black students and should be viewed as an important resource in influencing change. Now more than ever, it is time to make a stand and stop the systematic marginalisation of Black perspectives in education. We must close the attainment gap between Black and White students and tackle racism in the classroom and on campus, all of which are symptoms of the barriers that restrict gifted Black students from fulfilling their potential.
Ultimately, this report seeks to promote equality and excellence and as such its recommendations should benefit institutions and the student population as a whole in producing high quality and inclusive education provision.
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Race for Equality - BE students' perspectives of HE

Race for Equality – BE students’ perspectives of HE


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