Strategies for inclusive teaching


Inclusive teaching is a way to maximise student attainment and developing an incusive teaching approach can effectively support all learners in meeting the challenges of university-level learning.

The strategies put forward by Monash University in Australia have been put together with disabled students in mind, but are in no way restricted to disabled students.

Students who have been diagnosed with a learning difficulty early in their schooling and have managed to get to university are often quite self-aware. To overcome the constraints of learning in a traditional school setting, students have had to develop alternative ways of learning, based on their learning strengths. Whilst you might not always know if a student has a learning disability, If they have disclosed something, you could ask them to meet with you and talk about their areas of difficulty and the strategies they have found useful.

However, not all students will choose to discuss these issues with every one of their lecturers. An alternative approach is to notice how students respond to certain activities in a learning situtation and adopt inclusive teaching strategies which can help support:

  • Participation
  • Self-directed learning
  • Reading
  • Information processing

Access the Monash resources by clicking here.

Alternatively, download the inclusive teaching strategies by clicking below:


Inclusive teaching strategis

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