Active learning case studies


Active learning is a diverse methodology; these are examples from Higher Education Institutions in the UK and overseas of the way in which active learning is embedded in different learning contexts, disciplines and educational systems. Mick Healey at the University of Gloucestershire has compiled a number of case studies on active learning in practice.

The case studies include:

Using Problem Based Learning for Assessment in Large Classes: Triple-Jump

Developing a Research Culture in the Undergraduate Curriculum

Developing oral skills for a changing world: the potential of Open Space facilitation

Emergence: A person-centred approach to oral rhetoric

Taking undergraduate students from New Zealand to Africa – virtually

Problem-Based Learning for Environmental Management in Geography

Involving students in the international research community

Encouraging active and critical reading by geography students: the use of reading journals

The impact of an inquiry-based learning introductory course for social sciences on the development of skills and the subsequent performance of students

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