Learning to teach inclusively


Teaching inclusively is a key issue in higher education today, and to this end the University of Wolverhampton has put together a three unit OER module on Learning to Teach Inclusively.

Unit 1 aims to engage you in the current issues and debates in the literature, policy and practice around curriculum design for and assessment of an increasingly diverse population of students. By the end of the unit you will have gathered information about your own diverse students and, in light of this research, you will have redesigned an aspect of your curriculum for the engagement and assessment of all students.

Unit 2 aims to engage you in a critical review of the pedagogic practices you use with students from diverse backgrounds within the context of your own disciplinary subject and institution. You will apply one or more of the principles of inclusive pedagogy to an aspect of your own pedagogic work, and discuss its effect on the engagement of all students.

Unit 3 aims to explore the wider institutional perspective on student diversity, equality and diversity as it relates to the learning, teaching and assessment of students.  You will examine strategy, policy and other internal documents and review the ways in which the discourse of diversity and inclusivity are interpreted and played out by managers, academics, student facing staff etc. across the institution, and how inclusivity and diversity is manifested in the culture and structures of the institution.

Access the Learning to Teach Inclusively materials by clicking here.

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