Panopto screencast software


Panopto screencast software allows users to capture activity on their screens along with a voice over (and a talking head if you so wish) and share it through Blackboard (or generally over the web).

In this video, Professor Gunter Saunders, Head of Internet and Education Technology at the University of Westminster, talks through, with a screen capture, how to download and use Panopto.

Panopto can be used to move your curricula to more of a blended learning mode, by implementing flipped classroom principles. With flipped classroom, screencasts and presentations with voice overs are used to replace lectures, with the face to face time spent in ways that target deeper learning building on the content delivered in the screencast.

The Panopto screen capture service is available to all University staff as a way of recording lectures, demonstrations and events. Panopto recordings combine audio, video, PowerPoint slides and screen capture in a format that can then be accessed by students at any time via the internet.

Before you can start recording, you must first set up a folder on the Panopto server from a Blackboard course. The above video will show you how to do that at the University of Westminster.

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