Student-centered lectures


Student centered lectures will help your students get the most learning from the experience. Use these tips to make your lectures more student-centered:

  • A lecture will be more student-centred if you start from the point of the students’ knowledge. It is worth taking time at the start of the module/lecture to find out what students do understand about the topic, perhaps by some questions and answers, or a quiz.
  • It is helpful to use examples which are familiar to the students, and even better to ask them to contribute their own examples.
  • Try to build on the students’ current ideas by using their examples, thoughts and suggestions to develop the principles and theories you wish to bring out in the lecture, rather than always starting with the theoretical framework.
  • You can ask students to reflect on what they are learning, and make notes on this, as you go through the lecture, or at the end. This will help them to transform the material into learning.

These strategies will help the students to make sense of your views, thoughts and ideas, by embedding them within their understanding. This is vital for ensuring that deep rather than surface knowledge emerges.

Changes of activity will help make lectures more student-centred, as per this blog post.

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