Tearful students


Tearful students need care and attention. If a student is tearful, take them somewhere quiet and more private and allow them to explain what is wrong. It is useful to have a box of tissues in your office. Reassure them that it is OK to be upset but retain your professional role e.g. don’t cuddle them.

Listen to the student and encourage them to think about some strategies that will assist them, and sources of help and support e.g. from family, friends and fellow students. Keep the interaction within a time limit. Depending on the nature of the problem you need to remember that you are not a counsellor and should not go beyond your professional boundaries.

You could suggest further sources of help in the University as appropriate e.g.

  • Counselling & Advisory Service
  • Career Service.
  • Health Service.
  • The International Student Advisor.
  • Computer Centre for People with Disabilities/Disability Support Co-ordinators.
  • Chaplain. Student Housing Services
  • Child Care Services.
  • English for academic purposes

Click here to see the range of student support offered.

Tearful students often feel things at that time are overwhelming, but with support can move on to a happier disposition.

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