Engaging students with Poll Everywhere voting tool


Poll Everywhere is a web-based voting tool you can use to easily create engaging polls and quizzes for use in lectures and seminars.

In this screencast, Tony Burke from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment explains how he has used Poll Everywhere to involve students directly in question and answer sessions in the classroom.

Poll Everywhere facilitates an ‘ask the audience’ type of interaction in which the lecturer can display a question on the screen and offer several multiple-choice response options. Students use their mobile phones, laptops or tablets to submit their responses directly, and the results are displayed in real time as they come in.

Tony explains how this technology offers a convenient alternative to the use of in-class response systems which require the use of hand-held devices known as clickers. He also demonstrates how to set up a simple multiple-choice question in Poll Everywhere and shows how the responses are displayed.

Poll Everywhere can be used as a free account for classes of up to 40. For larger classes the University of Westminster has a licence for unlimited responses and this can be easily booked in advance by logging a Fixit call.


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