Digital education – what the research says


The term digital education encompasses the profound challenges posed to learning, teaching and training in the digital age and the resulting changes to learning and teaching practice.

In 2015 the London Knowledge Lab in collaboration with University of Nottingham and the Open University launched the first of a new series of events designed for those who are designing, building and using aspects of digital education.

Few dispute the power of technology in changing the face of learning and teaching to adapt to modern challenges, but many worry that the UK is not doing enough to exploit digital education to the full.

London Knowledge Lab believe researchers and industry must seize the moment and that working together will allow us to leverage technology to tackle big educational challenges such as assessment, hard-to-teach subjects, computational thinking and active citizenship. To encourage these vital collaborations, demonstrations of the power of digital education have been organised, with the launch of the first event being held on March 30 2012 in London at the London Knowledge Lab.

To view the the list of past events, with presentations on aspects of digital education, click here.

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