Nearpod for creativity, engagement and assessment


Nearpod is an online, interactive tool that allows you to create interactive multi-media presentations, and share them with your classes. Your students can then interact and submit responses with through their own devices, and you can monitor and measure student progress, both individually and by aggregate.

In this video Anne-Gaelle Colom of the University of Westminster‘s Faculty of Science and Technology shares her experiences of using Nearpod in her teaching, both in lectures and in seminars. The video also highlights feedback from two students, who generally found nearpod engaging, innovative and interactive, useful and positive.

Anne-Gaelle Colom talking about her use of nearpod

Anne-Gaelle Colom talking about her use of nearpod

Ann-Gaelle has also found that nearpod has increased engagement in the class, and she also benefits from greater understanding about how well her students have understood topics. Student hapiness with being able to use their devices for learning also means they are less likely to be using them for non-learning related activities that take thier attention away from the lecture or seminar.

For more information on Nearpod itself, have a look at their website.

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