Panopto for student assessment


Panopto is more commonly known as a lecture capture tool, that allows capture of slides and screens along with audio, as a way for blending learning, or providing extra resources for students, or for capturing classes (particularly beneficial for students with learning disbilities, or for those less confident with English.

However, it can also be used to good effect as a student assessment tool.

Miriam Dwek discussing Panopto as an assessment tool

Miriam Dwek discussing Panopto as an assessment tool

In this video, Miriam Dwek from the University of Westminster’s Faculty of Science and Technology talks about how the assessment on her module has been transformed from a lengthy essay, to a number of videos the students make, using Panopto, on various topics to do with the module topic.

Miriam highlights that using Panopto has enabled students to be more creative in the assignments they produce, and that they spend quite a bit of time weaving in other resources to improve their videos. Feedback on the whole was very good, and the students responded well to the different style of assessment.


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