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Picture of scales to illustrate ethical assessment

Ethical assessment considerations

Ethical assessment raises two major questions when designing assessments. Are our assessments fair? As we construct assessments it is important to make sure that they are based on relevant material that students have had the opportunity to learn during the course.   Assignments also should be free of any bias that would give some students a […]

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formative assessment cycle

Formative assessment and feedback

Formative assessment can support meaningful learning by providing opportunities for students to: make sense of criteria; practice assessment skills/knowledge or entire assignments; receive and generate feedback on progression towards specific summative assessment tasks; engage with content and/or develop skills needed to achieve learning outcomes; receive and generate feedback on general learning progression; create and experiment […]

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Assessing group work

Assessing group work

Assessing group work is an issue many academics face, and it is something that can cause contention among students themselves. The University of Melbourne have put together some very useful resources around the decision making process behind choosing assessing group work, what might be assessed, what criteria might be used, and some ways of allocating […]

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Teaching large groups in lectures

Teaching large groups

Teaching large groups is commonplace in UK HEIs, and it’s likely that at some point or another, most academics will face this situation. In this video Graham Gibbs talks about the realities of large group teaching in lecture theatres, from acoustics and echos to engagement and attention spans. He talks about the pressures this style […]

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Lectures and lecturing, large group teaching

Lectures and large group teaching

The Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Manchester Met has put together some resources on lectures and large group teaching. The resource was produced in response to questions from colleagues, requests for staff development and the outcomes of student feedback such as the National Student Survey at MMU. It is divided into the […]

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Learning & teaching bibliography

Professor Mick Healey of the University of Gloucestershire has put together bibliographies on a number of different aspects of learning and teaching (9 at the time of writing). Starting in 2005, he has been updating them regularly since, and each represents a comprehensive list of literature in the selected area. The bibliographies represent essential reading […]

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Active learning

Active learning case studies

Active learning is a diverse methodology; these are examples from Higher Education Institutions in the UK and overseas of the way in which active learning is embedded in different learning contexts, disciplines and educational systems. Mick Healey at the University of Gloucestershire has compiled a number of case studies on active learning in practice. The […]

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Learning to Teach Inclusively

Learning to teach inclusively

Teaching inclusively is a key issue in higher education today, and to this end the University of Wolverhampton has put together a three unit OER module on Learning to Teach Inclusively. Unit 1 aims to engage you in the current issues and debates in the literature, policy and practice around curriculum design for and assessment […]

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Inclusive Learning and Teaching

Inclusive learning and teaching handbook

Being inclusive within today’s challenging HE context requires understanding, preparedness and resources to enable us to deal with an increasingly diverse set of student backgrounds, ability and attainment and larger classes whilst endeavouring to provide an excellent learning experience. All done at a time when public expenditure means resources are to be spread more thinly! […]

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