How to use this site


Welcome to the University of Westminster’s Learning and Teaching Resources site. It comprises resources on a considerable range of aspects of learning and teaching, and is intended to be of use both to those new to lecturing and teaching in higher education and to those who have been doing this for a while and are considering changing their approach to particular aspects of practice. It will also be of interest to those simply wishing to see what other people are doing.

Many of the resources in the site have been made in collaboration with staff from across the University. Some come from noteworthy external sources. However, the resources belong to you, the community of practitioners across the University, and as such will become better and better as more people get involved in developing them.
The resources fall largely into two categories:

  • practical examples of what people have done and why, how they went about it, what it has meant for them and their students and how they would approach it next time. These could be videos, podcasts or case studies.
  • guidance on different aspects of practice


Videos, podcasts and case studies

The videos, podcasts and case studies included in this site are are ‘how to’ guides, and meant to give insight into different ways of approaching practice, explaining:

why the approach was taken

what the benefits are

potential drawbacks

whether it was easy or difficult to do

how the involved parties involved feel about it

tips for someone wishing to do something similar in their practice

Teaching and learning guides

The teaching and learning guides contained within the site are meant to provide a similar kind of thing to the videos, but are usually written from an amalgamation of experience, rather than being any one individual’s experience.

How to get involved

If you are teaching at the University of Westminster and would like to share aspects of your approach to practice, or know of really good external resources that you think should be sign-posted from this site, contact Ali Press in Leadership and Professional Development.