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Image of an exam room for assessment

Designing assessment for learning

More than any other aspect of the curriculum, well-designed assessment is the key to engaging students in engaged and productive learning. This toolkit produced by Macquire University’s Learning and Teaching Centre will help you understand better the implications of assessment and how to design engaging and productive assessments for your students. The toolkit covers: Why […]

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Designing an online course video still

Online course creation

Online courses are often used to reach wider audiences and to provide greater flexibility in how students can study. Stella Cragie shares her experiences of designing an online course in translation. The course is designed for language students and people who are already translators in the workplace. The course was moved online to provide greater […]

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Blending traditional courses video

Blending a traditional course

In this video Chrystalla Ferrier talks about her experiences of setting up the online side of a blended course for FdSc Biomedical Sciences, in light of trying to meet the needs of both employers, who play a big part in Foundation degree design, and her prospective students. This video will be of interest to others […]

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diversity and avoiding stereotypes

Avoiding stereotypes and celebrating diversity

Curriculum content can, often unwittingly, present and perpetuate stereotypes. Attention should be given to avoiding stereotypes by identifying where this occurs and removing discriminatory material from the syllabus. Stereotypes can be challenged by using a range of examples, images and illustrations, or considering the references and reading materials included in a bibliography. This does not mean providing an example or image […]

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