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Teaching digital literacy

What is digital literacy? Is it about aquiring a checklist of new media skills? Is it about technical training that takes you up certain levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced etc? Is it about tools, software, devices? In this video Jim McCellan, course leader for Journalism BA Honours at the University of Westminster, talks about teaching […]

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Digital literacy

Digital literacy training for students

Digital literacy is a key skill students must develop both to succeed at University and to thrive in our digitally connected, global society and Academic librarians have long provided teaching sessions to equip students with the research skills they need. These might be scheduled as one-off sessions in the library but are more effective and have greater […]

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Digital literacy development is a key consideration in higher education.

Digital literacy development for students

Digital literacy of students is seen as an important topic in higher education, and employability, although important, isn’t the only driver for increasing students’ skills in this area.  Another important driver is developing the potential for students to live, learn, work and thrive in a digital society. JISC, the Joint Information Systems Committee, define digital […]

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Digital literacy amongst students joining higher education courses.

Digital literacy in students new to HE

Digital literacy is the ability to effectively and critically navigate, create and evaluate information using a range of different technologies and there is acknowledgement that students need support with some areas of practice, particularly in academic contexts. It commonly assumed all students new to higher education naturally possess digital literacy skills, with this group often […]

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