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Mobile learning - picture of someone operating a smart phone

Mobile learning in science and technology

Mobile learning enables to student to learn in new and innovative ways, and adds greater flexibility to group working, co-creation, work flows and collaboration. In this series of videos, called Transforming the Classroom Through Mobile Learning, staff from the University of Westminster‘s Faculty of Science and Technology introduce a range of mobile technologies, and how […]

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Questions in large groups

Students are often shy of contributing or asking questions in large groups. They fear that their contributions will be wrong, or trivial, and that they might get a rebuff. There are some solutions to this: If you want the lecture to be interactive always start early, in the first few minutes of the class so […]

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Teaching large groups in lectures

Teaching large groups

Teaching large groups is commonplace in UK HEIs, and it’s likely that at some point or another, most academics will face this situation. In this video Graham Gibbs talks about the realities of large group teaching in lecture theatres, from acoustics and echos to engagement and attention spans. He talks about the pressures this style […]

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Lectures and lecturing, large group teaching

Lectures and large group teaching

The Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Manchester Met has put together some resources on lectures and large group teaching. The resource was produced in response to questions from colleagues, requests for staff development and the outcomes of student feedback such as the National Student Survey at MMU. It is divided into the […]

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Lecturing for deeper learning in large classes - University of Sydney

Lecturing for learning: what are lectures good for?

Lecturing has long been the dominant model of information transmission in higher education, in part due to the cost effectiveness of having many people in one room receiving content at the same time. In this video, Tom Angelo fro the University of Sydney argues that information or content transmission is one of the things lecturing […]

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