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Questions in large groups

Students are often shy of contributing or asking questions in large groups. They fear that their contributions will be wrong, or trivial, and that they might get a rebuff. There are some solutions to this: If you want the lecture to be interactive always start early, in the first few minutes of the class so […]

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Students in lectures by Tulane PR

Making lectures more personal

Just as lectures can feel impersonal to academic staff, being in lectures can make students feel like just one of a crowd, as teaching is “mass delivered” and individual input in sometimes not sought. Here are some tips you can also use these to make your lectures more personal: Maintain eye contact with students and […]

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Student-centered lecturing

Student-centered lectures

Student centered lectures will help your students get the most learning from the experience. Use these tips to make your lectures more student-centered: A lecture will be more student-centred if you start from the point of the students’ knowledge. It is worth taking time at the start of the module/lecture to find out what students […]

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Lecturing for active learning

Lecturing for active learning

It is well understood that students lose concentration after 15-20 minutes of listening and taking notes, and hence their capacity to learn diminishes rapidly. In order to increase their concentration it is essential to introduce a change of activity. This is even possible lecturing to large classes and the following suggestions are made: Get students […]

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Encouraging attendance at lectures: deep learning and assessment

Lecturing for learning: attendance

Attendance at lectures can be a source of frustration for tutors. In this video, Tom Angelo of the University of Sydney argues that lecture attendance can be driven up through the requirement in assessments for deep learning.  If the assessment requires deep learning, and the lectures provide a gateway to that deep learning, then attendance […]

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Fostering deep learning in lectures

Lecturing for learning: deep learning

Deep learning, preparing for lectures and cognitive load In this video Tom Angelo of the University of Sydney argues that under the best of circumstances most human beings can handle about five new concepts an hour, at most.  If you give people more than that, all you do is start pushing out the new concepts […]

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Suggestions for maintaining engagement during lectures

Lecturing for learning: attention span and engagement

Engagement of students during lectures can often be a source of frustration for tutors. In this video Tom Angelo from the University of Sydney works from the premise that engagement lasts approximately 20 minutes before waning.  He goes on to make helpful suggestions for ways in which engagement in lectures can be maintained or switched […]

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Lecturing for deeper learning in large classes - University of Sydney

Lecturing for learning: what are lectures good for?

Lecturing has long been the dominant model of information transmission in higher education, in part due to the cost effectiveness of having many people in one room receiving content at the same time. In this video, Tom Angelo fro the University of Sydney argues that information or content transmission is one of the things lecturing […]

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